120 pounds hog old school style! By Pitmaster Dustin Maness

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A few weeks ago in the Memorial’s Day, something interesting happened in our group…

Pitmaster Dustin Maness Posted this photo… 

The post gets almost 1000 likes! 

Of course we all got very curious and we wanted to know what the hell is going on under those bricks! 

I asked Dustin nicely to share with us his process and he agreed immediately! 

Dustin says: 

I wash it down well and butterfly it,

open crack the spine and cut some of the ridges of the spine out and take out the spinal cord trim all the silver skin and excess fat and junk so I can get some good bark and seasoning to it.

Then I inject a brine with apple juice sugar water and salt.

Let it sit overnight in the cooler then get up, start a fire in a burn barrel with hickory and apple wood with a cut out on the bottom,

so I can shovel the coals out then rub the pig down first the skin with vegetable oil and salt,

flip it over and rub the inside good with my homemade pork rub.

tie it back side down to the stretcher with some tie wire.

I start shoveling my coals into the four corners of the pit and put the hog on and lay some sausages on top of the loin and the ribs so they won’t get dry plus it makes for great beans.

I cover the pit and put my Inkbird probes in the ham and one at grate level and just keep shoveling coals in all day and try to keep pit temp between 225 and 250.

I open it up about Evey 2 hours or so and mop with a apple juice and vinegar mop.

Cooked for around sixteen hours then pull it off.

put it on the table and let everyone pick it with some slaw and tater salad.

Thanks for sharing with us Dustin! 

Dustin operates a great BBQ catering and a food truck called Doubled Shack, you can check them here 


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