Meat The Smoker – Lukas Dick

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Today we meet: Lukas Dick

( @grillbox_ld_kistensau on Instagram, and for German Speakers LD-Kistensau on Facebook, for non German Speakers im here with you in this Group 😉 )

Age: 28

Location: Austria 

Profession: Construction Site Manager

How much time in the group?

Since 29th January 2020

How did you hear about the group?

Don’t remember but I think, someone shared it on Instagram? I was interested and boom I’m here…

When did you start smoking and why?

Not sure but my first self-made grillbox (in Austria called “Kistensau”) was probably made in 2013. In that Box I started making Pork Belly for our Family, then I was invited more and more by Friends for their Birthdays, and any other Celebrations cause it was easy to handle a lot of People at the Same time with not much effort. Then it was getting more and more and more!

Tools you use (smokers/grills and more):

1x Grillbox (internal Dimension 230×200 inch) 

1x Big Boy Grillbox (i.D. 400x200inch)

1x Weber Kettle 22‘‘ with selfmade Pizza Attachment & selfm. Skewer Attachment

1x very old small Pillar Grill

In making Process currently (sitting already in the Workshop) will be an Vertical Offset Smoker and a Fire drum 

What is your most valuable/important tool from your BBQ equipment?

Defintily my Grillboxes, thats how i started and shown in my Logo (burning Box with my initials inside), ist a thing what not everyone has and gives me a bit of a unique bonus in my Area. But during Corona due to no Celebretions there sitting now mostly around, but it gives me time improving my skills on the Weber Kettle and later the Smoker. So ill make the best out o fit.

Favorite cuts + way of preparation:

The main good thing on my Boxes is that I’m very flexible and cook everything everywhere without needing anything just some Fire Wood. So I grab everything needed put it on the Trailor and done. I love doing it for someone else, as the cooking time is about between 3-6hrs it’s a long time being always there and start drinking beer with the Person who invited me 😀 and still stay a bit sober to have everything in control. Usually, I will do all cuts and preparation locally to show the People how I do it.

What is your winning recipe?

Its probably my “Bratl a da Rein” -> Pork Belly in my Grillbox, or the original “stelze” -> Pork Leg. I’ll buy the meat already cured on the Local Butcher, trough the Curing Process it doesn’t need much of Seasoning. But in the Box the Crust gets really amazing, I haven’t got the same result in my kettle grill. In the same go, I have all the Side dishes in the box wich gets perfectly seasoned trough the dripping Belly too!

What is the most bizarre thing you made?

Puh, I’ve read People making Alligators here, that is something I can’t keep up 😀 my most bizarre Food was Ostrich Steak cause it’s not very usual in here.

What did you learn from the group?

A Lot! It gives me everyday ideas about what to make. It’s a lot of inspiration all over the World to consume here. I Love it!

Another hobbies:

When I’m not on the Grill, I‘m in my Workshop building Stuff. As a Site Manager, I need the Compensation of Meetings and all the Stuff what’s going on. So that’s a Place where I can really Shut down and Enjoy. Probably some of you have seen me making Cutting Boards or right now additional to the awaiting Smoker and Fire Drum, I’m in a hurry to build up 5 new Boxes to Sell.

Message to the nation:

Due to the Corona Situation keep your heads up, and hope you all stay safe. Be Positive it’s getting warm now and don’t let the grill get cold!! BTW hope my Grammar isn’t that bad, but Keyboard Layout is in German so everything shown with a typical Red Line below 😉


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