Let’s Talk Salsa!

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Recipe by Chelsea Gieselmann. 

A shared post from Chelsea’s Blog theramblinggrit


 There are so many different ways to whip up a batch of salsa but when you find your perfect concoction of tomatoes and peppers, you stick with it.

Yesterday, I finally had my salsa awakening and it was FANfreakinTASTIC!

I lit my grill and threw them veggies on that rack and let them char.

Ugh the Aroma was a thing of beauty.

I’m going to give y’all my recipe for Salsa.

Now I cater to an 11-year old that is a salsa addict but also can’t handle it being “too hot”.

If it were Salsa just for me, I would throw in a few more Jalapenos and Chiles.

But alas, my tiny humans come first!

If you alter the recipe or add anything different, please comment below! I

absolutely LOVE seeing the difference in everyone’s dishes.


Whatcha Gonna Need:
24-30 Roma Tomatoes 
2 Jalapenos Deseeded 
1 Bunch Cilantro
1 Bulb Garlic
2 Limes
2 Large Onions
1 Can diced Green Chiles
Adobo seasoning (optional)
Piping hot grill
Food processor 
Whatcha Gonna Do:
*Get those charcoals lit. You want your grill HOT. 
<Make sure your rack is clean>
-While your grill is getting hot you need to tend to your veggies. 
*Clean them all of course. 
-Cut the onions in half .
-Leave the Maters whole. 
-Cut the Jalapenos in half and deseed them. 
-Leave you garlic Bulb whole.
*Alright it’s Char time! 
– Tomatoes & Jalapenos directly above the charcoal, flip them as they char. 
-Onions nor garlic go on direct heat. They don’t need the char as much as your tomatoes and peppers.
-Once you get a good char on your Tomato and Peppers, place them in a bowl and set aside to cool.
-The garlic and onions take a little longer on the grill, wait til the outer layer of them brown a little before taking them off of the grill to cool.
(Allowing your ingredients to cool help with the color of the salsa. Cilantro will keep it’s beautiful green color as well.) 
*Get Your Food Processor out.
-Cut your onions in 4s.
-Pop your garlic out of it’s skin.
-Put your tomatoes and Jalapenos in the processor (include whatever juice is left in the bowl)
^note: If you are iffy about the heat exhuming from your salsa, add the jalapenos a 1/2 at a time until it’s the heat you desire^
^note: you can peel the char off of these bukt I prefer them on^
-Add your onions and garlic.
-Add your cilantro.
^note: rip the cilantro up, don’t put it in whole. it gets wrapped around the blade and won’t chop.^
-Pour in your chiles.
-Add some salt, adobe, and cumin.
-Squeeze a whole lime in. 
^note: if you roll your lime between your hand and countertop, it will help you get a much juice as possible.^
*Blend until it’s the consistency you desire. 
*Taste your masterpiece.
-Add additional salt, Adobo, Lime, and Cumin as needed. 
*ENJOY your Smokey Ramblin’ Salsa!
**Storing options**
1) Put it in a rubbermaid and throw it in the fridge. It’ll last around 10 days. 
2) Jar it a put it on a shelf. If you need help with this process comment below and I will be more than happy to help! 
3) Put them in freezer bags and throw them in the freezer. It’ll be good up to 4 months! 
《Tiny human approved 🖤

5 Responses

  1. 1 CAN (?) diced green chiles….??? Doesn’t sound very artisan. Check out ‘Chile Monster’ or ‘Hatch Chile.’ You can order fresh or already roasted green chiles. They are fantastic.

    1. (CTRL P) will bring up a print option. Just save as a PDF file. This is just one option of course.

  2. You had me at the food processor. Nope, it is better if you chop it up after BBQing th goods, but chop it bits, no

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