Chris Childs (Bigdaddychilds)

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Today we meet: Chris Childs (Bigdaddychilds)

Age: 50

Location: Irving, Texas!

Profession: Television Production

How much time in the group? UH…early on??

How did you hear about the group? Was invited by the great Bob The Grill Man

When did you start smoking and why? About 15 years ago. I had been grilling since I was 10 but wanted to branch out and see if I could master smoking. The first thing was AWFUL but no one would say it. It has gotten better though.

Keep your smoke clean and you’re your meat juicy.

Chris Childs

Tools you use (smokers/grills and more): I started on a New Braunfels (Frodo) but now have a large smoker (GANDALF) I bought about 8 years ago that was built by a guy who runs a great burger joint in Fort Worth. Recently had it refurbed about a year ago before it made the trip to FL.

Favorite cuts + way of preparation: I have to be honest I am a recent convert to cooking by temp. I still cook by feel and look of the meat but the temp has definitely helped. Brisket is my favorite I prepare it the Texas way with S&P but also have dried Worcestershire for added depth. I do wrap in Butcher paper after the bark is formed and solid.

Then my ribs are also my go-to as well. I have my own rub that I do and it changes a bit but basically seasoned salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, brown sugar, paprika. Get a good smoke on them then wrap in foil with some squeeze butter, honey, and brown sugar.

What is your winning recipe? I have been told by some they want to bathe in my BBQ sauce. I would post it but then I would have to kill y’all so let’s just say ketchup, mustard, honey, and spices. 🙂

Also, I do a Rock Salt Prime Rib and while I don’t smoke it…it is a CROWD pleaser!

What is the most bizarre thing you made? Eh nothing crazy. Keep it simple.

What did you learn from the group? What I love about this group compared to others I have been in is that folks are willing to learn and teach. Googling something sounds easy but dadgummit learning from someone who knows something is better and no amount of Google can fix that.

Another hobbies: Groovin’ Out On Life In General

Message to the nation: Keep your smoke clean and you’re your meat juicy.

Recently we started activity in our Facebook group called “meat the smoker”.

It’s a small interview with our group members, we get to know them a little better.
Everyone is welcomed to participate.

To be the next meat the smoker you can email us to bob@theartofsmokeandgrill.com and get the template and you will be shown here.


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