Dean “Schuey” Schumann

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Today we meet: Dean “Schuey” Schumann.

Age: 47.

Location: Melbourne, Australia.

Profession: International Man of Mystery, TV Host and Photographer.

How much time in the group? About a week so far.

How did you hear about the group? When Bob Thegrillman invited me, so you can either blame him or thank him for my presence.

When did you start smoking and why? I only really started dabbling in smoking a few years ago. Grilling is more common here in Australia but more and more people are now embracing the “Low n Slow” method.

Enjoy the little things because, at the end of everyone’s journey, it is those “little things” you will most cherish.

Dean “Schuey” Schumann

Tools you use (smokers/grills and more): I’m a Weber collector. I currently have around 50 in my collection from small Go Anywheres and Smokey Joes, to the larger Weber Smokey Mountain bullet style smokers. So these are my main tools of the trade.
Also, a lot of attachments and add-ons that some barbecuers have made here in Australia for Weber’s.
Beer and whiskey, man cannot smoke alone or thirsty.

Favorite cuts + way of preparation: We are big lamb eaters here, so I have a few ways of doing lamb. I love smoking lamb shoulder to make pulled lamb. I love reverse searing a rack of lamb. I also love my seafood, either cooking it hot and fast or smoking trout, salmon or other fatty fish. Other than that, it the good old chicken wing, we demolish our own body weight in them some weeks.

What is your winning recipe? My actual winning recipe is buttermilk brined, Dorito encrusted chicken wing coating that has won plenty of awards so far.

What is the most bizarre thing you made? HaHa, see the above buttermilk brined, Dorito encrusted chicken wings.

What did you learn from the group? So far, that you all seem to get along and share some great tips and tricks, so keep it up.

Another hobbies: Photography, I liked it that much I studied it at night and become a fully qualified photographer.
Collecting and restoring old Weber’s. 

Although you are asking about other hobbies, I’ll have to include more BBQ stuff, like bringing an idea of mine about a BBQ show to life, from initial idea to concept. I told a guy I knew who produced a few shows about my idea, from there we brainstormed and the rest is history. It aired this year in Australia and has now had a couple of re-runs, it is available to watch online and they have offered us a second season.

Message to the nation: Relax a little. Don’t take life too seriously. Enjoy the little things because, at the end of everyone’s journey, it is those “little things” you will most cherish. Oh and drink whiskey.

Did you know that Dean Schumann has a Youtube channel?

Recently we started activity in our Facebook group called “meat the smoker”.

It’s a small interview with our group members, we get to know them a little better.
Everyone is welcomed to participate.

To be the next meat the smoker you can email us to bob@theartofsmokeandgrill.com and get the template and you will be shown here.


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