Joe Thomas

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Joe Thomas Main Image

Today we meet Joe Thomas.

Age: 28.

Location: Palm Beach County Florida.

Profession: Behavioral Specialist for special needs students at local High School Delivery driver on the weekend for some extra “play” money.

How much time in the group?
Not positive, but quite a few months now at least.

How did you hear about the group?
Our wonderful group leader Bob TheGrill man sent out a wonderful private invitation.

Being different and being you, is what makes you and your BBQ so special! Be special. Be YOU!

Joe Thomas

When did you start smoking and why?
2 years ago I have gifted a masterbuilt charcoal bullet smoker for Christmas, did two pork butts and immediately fell in love with a new hobby!

Tools you use (smokers/grills and more): Going from most used to least

  • Pro series Vertical Pit Boss pellet smoker
  • 22″ Webber Kettle
  • Walmart 12″ portable charcoal grill
  • Charbroil 6 burner gas grill

Favorite cuts + way of preparation: I am a 100% steak man. Give me a New York strip or a filet to reverse sear and I’ll love you until I have my next one.

I go with a heavy Salt and Pepper rub, topped with a good sprinkle of thyme. When planned ahead I allow a 24+ hour “brine” for the steak to absorb all the flavor.
When doing it on the spot, I do a minimum of two hours brines. Then smoke at 180° to an IT of ~115°, where I immediately transfer it to a 1000° searing surface.

What is your winning recipe?
My winning recipe would have to be my Jerk Pork Butts or my “Hellfire BBQ Chili“, which is made from my Jerk Butts and Briskets that were smoked 15+ Hours.

What is the most bizarre thing you made?
Unfortunately, I don’t have anything “bizarre” in my repertoire. YET!
I’m waiting for a chance to catch one of these invasive Iguanas that are running rampant in South Florida though. They’re called “Chicken of the Trees” in the Caribbean ?.

What did you learn from the group?
It’s impossible to narrow it down to one specific thing. This group shares limitless knowledge. Not a day goes by where I don’t find something new or interesting that I want to try. Be it a recipe or technique, the hints, tips, and tricks never stop.

Another hobbies: Eating other BBQ ??.
Being as I work 7 days a week, I LOVE sitting at home doing NOTHING when the chance presents itself. Sitting down. Having a drink and relaxing with my lady. Watching a scary movie. A perfect evening.

I also enjoy stand up comedy VERY much and try to catch any good names that come local, as well as Open Mic nights.
Lastly, on breaks during the school year, I love world travel. It is my goal to make a new country, every year.

Message to the Nation: My message to the nation would be simple. Do what pleases you. Do what your family likes. Don’t conform to other’s standards and stress yourself to be “like everyone else”.
Being different and being you, is what makes you and your BBQ so special! Be special. Be YOU!

Recently we started activity in our Facebook group called “meat the smoker”.

It’s a small interview with our group members, we get to know them a little better.
Everyone is welcomed to participate.

To be the next meat the smoker you can email us to bob@theartofsmokeandgrill.com and get the template and you will be shown here, contact us >>


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