Meet “The smoker” Beto Santoyo

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Instagram:  bbq_bboy

Age: 42

Location: Chicago, IL

Profession: Senior Sound Designer/ Audio Engineer

How much time in the group?

4 months

How did you hear about the group?


When did you start smoking and why?

I suppose my love for grilling and smoking started with my affinity for fire as a kid. I remember when I was young I would really get excited for a family picnic in the park. That meant that I can help my dad set up the charcoal grill, light the fire, and cook some meat with him. Cooking outside is also a huge departure from my daily work activities. It really helps me reset and enjoy my time home with good food and my family. 

Tools you use (smokers/grills and more):

I currently own a Kamado Joe Classic III, Camp Chef 24” Pellet Smoker with Sidekick, Ottowilde Grill, Camp Chef Flattop 600, and a 2007 Weber Genesis propane grill I keep for sentimental reasons. 

What is your most valuable/important tool from your BBQ equipment?

Hands down my most valuable tool is my Thermoworks MK4 Thermometer. I can’t stress how important it is to have a well-calibrated thermometer. Trust me, you will alleviate tons of headaches, burnt or uncooked food, and most importantly time & wasted money. No matter what your cooking on, a kettle, barrel, pellet, offset, kamado, flaptop, or even your kitchen oven, take the guesswork out of cooking with the help of a well-calibrated thermometer. 

Favorite cuts + way of preparation:

I’m a huge fan of Prime Rib Roasts and Bone-in Pork Loins on the rotisserie. 

What is your winning recipe?

Well, my team recently won 5th place in the 2019 World Food Championships in the steak category. So, I’ll say steak. 

What is the most bizarre thing you made?

Grilled Octopus 

What did you learn from the group?

I’ve learned that while we all have different tastes, cooking methods, recipes, and fuel preferences, the goal is always the same, cooking better BBQ. We are all here to learn. By no means do I consider myself a Chef, Master of any grill nor a Pitmaster of any kind. I’m just a foodie who loves to cook outdoors for my family and friends. This hobby has now blossomed into a passion and I am excited to share what I’ve learned with anyone who wants to listen. 

Other hobbies:

I’ve now entered the arena of competitive cooking with some success. It’s not cheap and very frustrating at times, but man it is fun! I’ve always liked photography and taking pictures of my food has opened me to the world of food photography and styling.

Message to the nation: 

Keep cooking, keep asking questions (no matter how silly they may sound). You get better at cooking good BBQ by cooking bad BBQ and learning along the way. Learn from your mistakes & don’t be afraid to experiment. 

Picture of your smoking and your most successful cooks: 

😊 My Instagram @bbq_bboy account is a repository for all my successful cook pictures and recipe videos.



Thanks Beto! 


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