Pulled Pork Bitterballs – The Ultimate Dutch Snack

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The beauty in our Facebook group is we have over 22,00 members from over 100 countries. 

That’s so awesome that we get to see different techniques and cooking styles from all over the globe! 

Michael Theuns is a pitmaster from the Netherlands, he decided to share with us his secret recipe for the ultimate Dutch snack – Pulled Pork Bitterballs

In dutch: “Pulled Pork Bitterballen

Thanks Michael, let’s start!


  • Boston Butt / Pork Neck of 2.5 kilo (5.5lbs)
  • Any dry rub what you can use on pork
  • 200 ml of any BBQ Sauce you want to use
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Wood chunks, Apple or cherry


  • 6000 ml water
  • 12x beef bouillon blocks
  • 8x onions, finely chopped
  • 8x shallots, finely chopped
  • 8x laurel leafs
  • 80 gr butter (2.8oz)
  • 16x tablespoons of the dry rub


  • 2000 ml of the broth
  • 320 gr butter ( 11.30 oz)
  • 400 gr flour (14oz)
  • 8x egg yolks
  • 14x leaf of gelatine
  • 200 gr cream ( 7oz)
  • 2000 gr pulled pork, pulled and finely chopped (4.4lbs)

Crunchy balls:

  • Bag of breadcrumbs
  • Bag of Panko
  • Egg white of 16 eggs, or from a pack.



DAY 1:

Inject and rub the Boston Butt for Pulled Pork

DAY 2:


Low and Slow on the BBQ to create the Boston Butt into Pulled Pork.


This will be around 10-12 hours at 110°C (230F) until the core temperature of the meat is 92°C ( 197F)


The Boston Butt need a rest of at least 1 hour and than you can pull the pork meat.

Warm-up 200 ml of your BBQ sauce and add this to the Pulled Pork.


In between you make the broth for the ragout we make the next day.


The broth consist water, stock cubes, onions, shallots, laurel, your favorite pork rub.


The broth needs to warm up and cooled down for 1 night.

DAY 3:


Make the ragout with butter, flour, egg yolks, gelatin, cream and the pulled pork.


Follow these steps:


  • Gelatine in water


  • Filter the broth into only the water based broth


  • Melt the butter, but it’s not allowed to brown the butter.


  • Add the flour to the butter with little steps


  • Keep stirring with a whisk.


  • Add bit by bit the broth


  • Keep stirring with a whisk


  • All the broth need to homogene to the roux (butter and flour), keep stirring!


  • Gelatine need to add


  • Mix the egg yolks with the cream and add to the ragout


  • Fine cutting of the Pulled Pork and add to the ragout


  • The ragout need to be in a flat platter to put it in the refrigerator for 1 night


DAY 4:

Roll the balls

You need a platter of

  1. Bread-crumbs
  1. Egg-white
  1. Panko
  1. The Ragout which is in the refrigerator

Make balls with a ice-spoon add the ball first in the platter of bread-cumbs, then the egg-white and as last the panko.

Put these balls for 1 night in the freezer.


DAY 5:


5 minutes in the frying pan (180°C or 356°F) and ENJOY!

Thanks so much for the Recipe Michael! 

Dank Je!

If you’re from the Netherlands and interesting in getting this awesome Pulled Pork Bitterballs, visit Michael’s website! https://www.bbqballs.nl/

Tell us in the comments what do you think and share with us your results! 

If you want your recipe featured here on our website, please let me know and we will make it happen! 


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  1. Wow – they look fantastic! Long process, but worth the wait I believe. My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures.

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