Awesome Jalapeno popper stuffed loin with candied jalapeno glaze

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Recipe By Justin Nadal

Every day we have tons of members posting their amazing cooks photos in our group.

But posting and sharing mouth-watering photos isn’t enough.. our members share their recipes and secrets with us so we can get inspired by each other. 

Check out this perfect Jalapeno popper stuffed loin with candied jalapeno glaze by Justin Nadal!



1lb bacon

6 fresh jalapenos

1 pack garlic

chive cream cheese.


Way of preparation: 

1. Chop bacon and cook in cast iron skillet till desired crispiness. Remove and set aside.

2. Cook jalapenos in bacon grease, remove before they get too soft. Put both bacon and japs in fridge

3. This is the tricky part. Make a cut about 1/4″ from edge of loin across whole length of loin till about 1/4″ to end. Open up and on the big side do the same thing until it rolls out to flat piece of loin.

4. Lay whole piece flat on cutting board, and cover top with plastic wrap. Use any hard flat device, I used a liquor bottle, to pound the loin even. This should give you a larger surface area of loin and make it all even thickness.

5. Cover loin with cream cheese of choice. You can get creative and add shredded cheddar, or mix sour cream into cream cheese. I just used garlic chive cream cheese.

6. Add your toppings evenly. I just used bacon and jalapenos

7. Roll the loin with toppings in middle and tie off.

8. Top loin with oil. I used avocado oil, but olive oil works good too. Season as desired. I used a sweet pork rub, can’t remember name of it.

9. I smoked this using lump and cherry wood in weber kettle at 225 degrees. It was roughly 3hrs. Every 25-30 minutes I would brush with candied jalapeno juice. I pulled it at 143 degrees and let rest 15 minutes before slicing.


Thanks Justin for a great recipe! 

Feel free to post here or in our group your results and feel free to ask questions. 

If you have a recipe you want to share with us, email me at Bob@artisansmoker.com



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