Meat Injector Kit


Who Doesn’t Love BBQ Bursting with Flavor? From slow-smoking to open fire and every style in between, the secret to mouthwatering BBQ is the meat…

But is it JUST the meat?

Here’s The Best Kept Secret in BBQ – Artisan Smoker’s Flavor Injector Syringe. The BBQ Injector Gun For Those Serious About Flavor
Next Level Flavor

Rubs are surface level. Marinade injectors for meat infuse flavors in every inch. Our meat syringe marinade injector means your last bite is just as finger-lickin’ flavorful as the first

For All The Meat
From steak to lamb and fish our marinade meat injector pump turns up the taste. Use as a sauce injector, in chicken, pork, a brining injector for turkey for Thanksgiving and more

BBQ’s Will Never Be the Same
Whether you’re injecting turkey or another favorite meat, using our meat pump injector will turn your BBQ’ing skills into the stuff of backyard legend

Don’t just feel like a pitmaster. Cook like one

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BBQ LIKE A PRO with Artisan Smoker’s food syringe injector. Your pro-grade bbq meat injector gun that will add a juicy explosion of seasoning in every bite.

DIAL IN FLAVOR injector for meat of all cuts. Has 3 bbq marinade injector flow settings for even distribution. Use as a turkey injector syringe, in beef, pork, as a chicken injector or more.

COMFORTABLE, lightweight, portable bbq injector syringe pump with grip handles. Zero hand fatigue. The perfect meat injector kit for smoker fun with the family.

EASY TO CLEAN, dishwasher safe. Inject steak, lamb, blended up sauce or marinades. Dissemble meat injector syringe needles and siphon for cleaning.

THE VERY BEST food injector syringe kit. Made from safe durable plastic. Each 304 stainless steel meat injection needle is designed for deep penetration. Become a pitmaster.

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