About Artisan Smoker

Hey, Bob here…

Well, my story began years ago when I was a young kid.
It’s Sunday. the family and the friends gathering all together around the pit and waiting for the food to be ready. That’s when I fell in love with BBQ.

It was not a love at first sight tho… I really enjoyed spending time around the grill but the results were not like I excepted and this led to frustration and a lot of burnt meat.. It was not even about the money that I have spent… the face of my beloved ones said everything.

I understood that I have to step up my game and become better! 
I read books, I did many experiments, watched videos.. I learned all by myself.
But what if I had a safe place to share my results and ask questions? 
A place that could gather all the crazy folks like us and discuss about recipes and techniques together? 

That’s where the idea of Artisan Smokers became alive. 
I decided to open a truly loving community for BBQ addicts, for the purity of meat smoking.

On the 23rd of July, 2019, I open The art of smoke and grill – Our facebook group.

We started to share recipes, techniques and most importantly, support and respect each other. People found a true home and started to ask questions.

It was amazing to see how a complete beginner who asked for a recommendation about a smoker and just bought one, manages to smoke a KILLER Brisket! All thanks to the people of the community.

The rumors spread fast and after less than 3 months we reached 8000 members from all around the globe. That’s when we understood we made a change.

BBQ Creates Community and that's what we are.

You will find here everything you need to become a pitmaster. in our recipes section you will find the best smoked recipes online. from brisket to smoked desserts and epic side dishes.

Our store start is pretty amazing!

My amazing wife ( she didn’t make me write it!) suggested to design some merchandise for the group, it seemed like a lot of fun and we decided to go for it. we asked the group what they think and we got AMAZING reactions!

We didn’t except all the love and the support. slowly slowly we added more great products from small businesses that every pitmaster must have and the store became a paradise for pitmasters that help to create great memories around the grill.

We are always open hearing new ideas! if you have an idea for a product or a design you would want to see in our shop, please email Bob at Bob@artisansmoker.com

The Pitmasters Area has all the informative articles, how to’s and relevant info to make you a true pitmaster and a BBQ hero.

For us, BBQ is an art. We treat it with love, passion, and respect. If you think you can accept that, your place is with us.

With all this being said, you are welcome to join our Facebook group if you did not join yet.