How To Cut Meat Correctly

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How To Cut Meat

Some of you may be aware of that already, but for those who have no idea what I am talking about, let me tell you something!

Sometimes we can make the greatest meat in the world, take care of it, put it to marinate 48 hours, brine, smoke it PERFECTLY and do everything well, but one little action, in the end, is going to ruin everything. And what I am talking about is how we cut it!

The latest action we do before we eat matters a lot, it may be confusing at first but when you learn how to do it right it’s so easy and will change all your flavor experience.

Meat contains muscle fibers that are stacked parallel to one another.

If you cut the meat along the length of those fibers, you increase the toughness. If you cut the meat against the grain of those fibers, you shorten them, which makes them more tender. This applies to both raw and cooked types of meats.

Let me show you

So, all we need to do is to identify the grain and to cut against it!

After we understand why It’s so important, we need to practice how to identify it, on some cuts we will have to find two different directions of the grains and to cut each one correctly. It Takes time to get it but when you do you will be thankful forever.

How To Cut Meat

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