Luther Hollis III (Trey)

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Today we meet: Luther Hollis III (Trey)

Age: 42 (43 in December)

Location: Royal Palm Beach, FL


In my 9-5 my title is “Digital Media Production Tech” at a Christian University – Basically, I make videos for online courses. However, I’m currently taking steps toward becoming a full-time BBQ Caterer and then ultimately establishing my own BBQ joint with my wife.

How much time in the group?

Not sure…but I know I got in the group when there were only about 250 members.

How did you hear about the group?

Personal invite from Bob the Grillman.

“Ignore the trolls, cook what makes you and your fam happy!”


When did you start smoking and why?

I started seriously BBQ/Smoking around 2008. My “why” is a long story but I’ll condense it. I lived with my grandparents in Los Angeles for a few years in my teens and my grandfather (Pawpaw) made the best BBQ I’d ever tasted. I remember going to the fridge at 2 in the morning and grabbing a cold rib and eating it right there the light from the fridge.

Then, when I got back to living with my pops and stepmom, my pops would throw down with his vertical UDS – but it was different than how you see them today… he had a door cut out on it. Fast forward to my adult years – my Pawpaw passed away, my pops occasionally Q’d, and none of my 4 brothers knew how to Q. So, me being the eldest of 5 brothers, I took it upon myself to carry on the Hollis family BBQ legacy. And that’s my “why.”

Tools you use (smokers/grills and more):

For smoking, I roll with my Weber Smokey Mountain 22.5 (Black R2D2) and my Oklahoma Joe Longhorn. For grilling, I have an older Char-broil smoker/grill (which was my first smoker after someone stole my 22’ kettle when I was living in an apartment) – the firebox began rusting thru on the bottom after about 4 years so I converted to strictly grilling on the “OG”. And finally, my other grill was gifted to me by my next-door neighbor and it’s a beast of a grill – the Char-broil 940X with cast iron grates. He said it was too big for him and his wife and he knew that we BBQ a lot so he wanted it to have a good home.

Besides the main cookers, I use a chimney starter to get the fires started. I have a veggie grill basket, a fish grilling platter, a boning knife, a cimeter knife (like my grandfather used), and an instant to check temps.

Favorite cuts + way of preparation:

Too many to list here but I’ll go with my top 3.

  1. Ribs – pork ribs, either baby backs or spares. I season them with our Third’s Beef & Pork rub at least an hour before putting on the smoker. No sauce needed.
  2. Pork Belly Burnt Ends – I follow the Malcolm Reed recipe but make tweaks and change up the glaze sauce adding white peach cranberry sauce instead of apple juice, and the BBQ sauce I use is a combo of Heinz’s Carolina vinegar sauce and a local sauce called “Blue Front.”
  3. Third’s Brisket – I trim the fat and season with our Third’s BBQ Beef and Pork rub at least an hour prior to putting in the smoker. No sauce needed.

What is your winning recipe?

Not sure as far as “winning” but based on popularity, I’d say there are a few – our Smoked French Onion Oxtails, our Smoked Brisket S.O.S., our Baby Back Ribs, our Smoked Brisket, and our Smoked JamaiCuban Jerk Pulled Pork Burritos.

What is the most bizarre thing you made?

Probably the 4 different flavors of smoked oxtails that we make. Traditional BBQ, Cuban Rabo Encendido, JamaiCuban Jerk, and French Onion. People don’t expect these flavors when it comes to oxtails.

What did you learn from the group?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to experiment. I’ve seen sooooo many great cooks here and awesome dishes. As a BBQ community, we have to be willing to push the boundaries and go above and beyond what is expected…new flavors…and new BBQ experiences.

Other hobbies:

Traveling with family to the Florida Keys, Orlando (Disney World), and Atlanta where my Pops lives. Volunteer Coaching for kids Football at i9Sports. Being a Rum Drinking Pirate! Arrgghhh! Teaching my boys the art of culinary expression. Making hip-hop beats. Writing poetry. Learning marketing tactics. And just overall research on entrepreneurship.

Message to the nation:

“Ignore the trolls, cook what makes you and your fam happy!”

Recently we started activity in our Facebook group called “meat the smoker”.

It’s a small interview with our group members, we get to know them a little better.
Everyone is welcomed to participate.

To be the next meat the smoker you can email us to bob@artisansmoker.com and get the template and you will be shown here, contact us >>


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