Smoked Ribs Recipe – By Billy Rowe

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Ribs are one of the most popular things to smoke. no doubt about that. 

They are tasty as hell if smoked properly!!!

There are a lot of different techniques to smoke ribs.

We want to show you one of them with a great recipe by Billy Rowe that has been shared in our Facebook group. Let’s go

“This is just the way I do mine.. if you ask 100 different people you’ll get 100 different answers, that’s what’s so cool about BBQ it’s an art not a science!” Billy Rowe 



Rib mop

1/2c apple cider vinegar

1 TBS honey

1/2 stick butter

2 shots of bourbon (1 for the mop 1 for the cook)

Red pepper flakes few shakes

Few shakes of your favorite bbq rub

1 cap of your favorite bbq sauce. (you don’t want to go too much with the sauce cause most have sugar in it and it will burn)

Heat up mop on stove top and set on low simmer


Rib prep:

I remove the membrane

Trim anything that you know will just burn up during the cook

I rub them down with olive oil or mustard

Apply your favorite rub on both sides

I let my racks sit in the fridge while I get my smoker up to temp (30-45 mins)

I try to dial my smoker in at about 275-300

I like using cherry wood the best gives a nice color and a subtle smoke flavor not too over powering


Cooking process:

I don’t wrap my ribs. I run them unwrapped the entire cook. I get really good results this way.

I let my ribs run until I can drag my finger across them and none of the rub comes off. (Usually a bout an hour)

I then baste my ribs with the mop every 1/2 hour.

If one side seems to be catching more heat I’ll rotate them around to try to get a more even cook.

With ribs they are done when I can bend them and they are “this close” to breaking but they don’t.

I’m not a sauce guy but I do like sauce on the side. My family likes sauce so if I’m cooking for them the last 15 mins I’ll brush some sauce on them and let it set.

And there you have it! I’d love to hear your technique/process as well! Good luck!



Billy Rowe is a great pitmaster and an active member of our Facebook community! You can see more of his content at his social media channels:

Instagram – @WillMaxBBQ 

Facebook – @WillMaxBBQ

Twitter @WillMaxBBQ

Youtube –  @WillmaxBBQ




Feel free to share your results and ask questions here or in our Facebook group! 



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